Family of Reilly, Charles Patrick and Mcgoldrick Golden, Anna


Married Husband Reilly, Charles Patrick [P27] ( * 3 June 1868 + 29 January 1935 )
Married Wife Mcgoldrick Golden, Anna [P26] ( * 3 October 1873 + 29 October 1943 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1893-01-12 Cook, Illinois   1
Marriage 1898-02-13 Chicago, Cook, Illinois    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Mcgovern, Mary [P46]1894
Reilly, Charles Patrick [P18]1894-10-191976-08-03
Reilly, Charles P [P48]1894-10-191976-08-03
Reilly, Mary [P43]about 1894
Reilly, Rose C [P42]about 1897
Riley, Kattie [P44]1899-03-00
Reilly, Anna [P45]1899-07-00
Reilly, Katherine [P41]about 1899
Reilly, Mathew J [P40]1903-12-121969-11-00
Reilly, John J [P39]1909
Reilly, Margaret Geraldine [P47]1913-02-211995-12-07


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Source References

  1. Cook County, Illinois, Marriages Index, 1871-1920 [S584942660]