Family of Thorne, Thomas and Thorne, Rose


Married Husband Thorne, Thomas [P304] ( * 1450 + 1519-07-06 )
Married Wife Thorne, Rose [P303] ( * 1452 + 1487 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage   Bristol, Somerset, England    
Marriage about 1470 Bristol, Somerset, England    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Thorne, Sir Robert William of Bristowe, Mayor of Bristol [P299]14701519-07-06
THORNE, James [P315]1475
Thorne, Elizabeth [P316]
Thorne, Thomas [P317]14721589-05-00
THORNE, James [P321]1475
THORNE, Lawrence [P318]1483
Thorne, Elizabeth [P320]1485
Thorne, Marion [P319]1487
Thorne, Dorothy [P322]