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Letter Name State/ Province Country Latitude Longitude
, , , North Carolina, USA [P0249]        
  , Habo, Skaraborg Sverige Kvighult [P0124]        
  ,Bertie, NC [P0339]        
  ? [P0329]        
A Ansford,Somerset,England [P0333]        
  Antwerp, Belgium [P0024]        
  Arlington Heights, Cook, Illinois, USA [P0042]        
  Ashreigney, Devonshire, England [P0313]        
B Barnarpsgatan 46 Jönköping [P0159]        
  Barnstaple, Devon, England [P0103]        
  Barnstaple, Devonshire [P0083]        
  Barrington, IL [P0001]        
  Barrington, Lake, Illinois [P0134]        
  Baskarp Gustav Adolf [P0107]        
  Baskarp Habo Västra Götaland [P0125]        
  Baskarp, Gustav Adolf (R) [P0110]        
  Belgium [P0027]        
  Belmont County, Ohio, USA [P0241]        
  Belmont, Gaston, North Carolina, United States [P0261]        
  Bergen [P0065]        
  Bermondsey, Surrey, England [P0275]        
  Bethany, Harrison, Missouri, USA [P0141]        
  Bishop’s Tawton, Devon, England [P0084]        
  Bishops Nympton, Devon, , England [P0202]        
  Bishops Nympton, Devon, England [P0196]        
  Bottnaryd, Jönköpings län, Sverige [P0111]        
  Braintree, Essex, England [P0073]        
  Braunton, Devon, England [P0090]        
  Bristol, Gloucestershire [P0088]        
  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England [P0217]        
  Bristol, Glouchester, England [P0337]        
  Bristol, Glouchestershire, England [P0332]        
  Bristol, Gloushester, England [P0215]        
  Bristol, Somerset, , England [P0213]        
  Bristol, Somerset, England [P0211]        
  Bristol, Taunton, Somerset, England [P0216]        
  Brooklin, Ontario, Canada [P0079]        
  Burlington, Racine County, Wisconsin, United States of America [P0145]        
  Burrington, Devon, England [P0309]        
  Bute, North Carolina, United States [P0259]        
C California [P0014]        
  Canada [P0022]        
  Carhampton, Somerset, England [P0334]        
  Carteret County, North Carolina [P0240]        
  Carteret County, North Carolina, USA [P0242]        
  Cary, Illinois, USA [P0029]        
  Cavan, Ireland [P0050]        
  Chesterwood, Northumberland, England [P0206]        
  Chewton Mendip, Somerset, England [P0226]        
  Chicago Cook, Illinois [P0002]        
  Chicago Illinois [P0017]        
  Chicago Ward 14, Cook, Illinois, USA [P0055]        
  Chicago Ward 19, Cook, Illinois, USA [P0041]        
  Chicago, Cook, Illinois [P0008]        
  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States of America [P0069]        
  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA [P0007]        
  Chicago, DuPage, Illinois, USA [P0231]        
  Chicago, Illinois [P0035]        
  Chicago, Illinois, USA [P0020]        
  Chittlehampton, Devon, , England [P0195]        
  Chittlehampton, Devon, Engand [P0190]        
  Chittlehampton, Devon, England [P0075]        
  Chittlehampton, Devonshire [P0082]        
  Chittlehampton, Devonshire, England [P0197]        
  Chittlehampton,Devon, England [P0085]        
  Chittlehampton,Devon,England [P0189]        
  Christiania [P0023]        
  Chulmleigh, Devon, England [P0198]        
  Clark, Nevada [P0323]        
  Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States [P0243]        
  Cook, Illinois [P0049]        
  Cook, Illinois, United States [P0005]        
  Copenhagen [P0279]        
  Core Sound, , North Carolina, USA [P0262]        
  Core Sound, Carteret, North Carolina, United States [P0251]        
  Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island, USA [P0097]        
  Craven [P0250]        
D Des Plaines, Cook, Illinois, USA [P0138]        
  Des Plaines, IL [P0000]        
  Des Plaines, Illinois, USA [P0033]        
  Devon, England [P0100]        
  Devonshire, England [P0205]        
  Divernon, Sangamon County, Illinois, United States of America [P0087]        
  Dulverton, Somerset [P0212]        
, East Down Near Barnstaple,Devon,England [P0331]        
  East Stonehouse, Devon [P0192]        
  East Troy, WI [P0034]        
  East Troy, Wisconsin, USA [P0009]        
  Edge Hill, West Derby, Lancashire, England [P0091]        
  Ekeby, Sweden [P0016]        
  England [P0208]        
  Esphults, Kristianstad, Sverige [P0059]        
  Evanston, Illinois [P0152]        
  Evergreen Park, Illinois [P0031]        
F Faaberg, Christians, Nor. [P0301]        
  Faaberg, Oppland, Norway [P0281]        
  Fields, London, England [P0276]        
  Finnatorp, Horla, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0167]        
  Fjällböl Brandstorp [P0131]        
  Freeport, Harrison, Ohio, USA [P0260]        
  Fryksdalen, Värmland, Sverige [P0303]        
  Furze Barn, Chittlehampton, Devon, England [P0086]        
G Gem Township, Brown County, South Dakota, USA [P0289]        
  Grean, Ärtemark [P0154]        
  Gust Adolf [P0057]        
  Gustaf Adolf [P0117]        
  Gustaf Adolfs Annex, Skaraborg, Sverige [P0326]        
  Gustaf Adolfs, Skaraborg, Sverige [P0062]        
  Gustav Adolf [P0044]        
  Gustav Adolf (R) [P0108]        
  Gustav Adolf församling [P0058]        
  Gustav Adolf, Skaraborg, Sverige [P0046]        
  Gylterud, Vinger, Hedmark, Norway [P0286]        
H Habo [P0128]        
  Habo (R), Skaraborgs län [P0182]        
  Habo Baskarps hemman [P0126]        
  Habo, Jönköping, Sverige [P0061]        
  Habo, Skaraborg, Sverige [P0325]        
  Habo, Skaraborg, Sweden [P0060]        
  Hagaberg Stallberga [P0158]        
  Hage, Faaberg, Oppland, Norway [P0300]        
  Halewood, Lancashire [P0072]        
  Harwich, Kent, Ontario, Canada [P0054]        
  Helsingland, Finland [P0306]        
  Henrico, Virginia, United States [P0244]        
  High Bickingon, Devon, England [P0089]        
  Hillside, Cook, Ill. [P0071]        
  Hillyard Township, Macoupin, Illinois [P0311]        
  Hoff, Faaberg, Oppland, Norway [P0297]        
  Honey Point Township, Macoupin, Illinois [P0314]        
  Horla Stommen, Horla, Älvsborgs län, Sweden [P0169]        
  Horla, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0162]        
  Horla, Älvsborg, Sverige [P0168]        
  Horla, Älvsborgs län, Sverige [P0172]        
  Härja (R), Skaraborgs län [P0176]        
  Härja annex (R) [P0327]        
  Härja Skaraborgs Län [P0175]        
  Härja, Gustaf Adolf (R), Skaraborgs län [P0183]        
  Härja, Gustav Adolf (R), Skaraborgs län [P0106]        
  Härja, Skaraborg, Sverige [P0181]        
  Härja, Sverige [P0179]        
I Illinois [P0025]        
  Illinois, USA [P0040]        
  Indiana [P0052]        
  Ireland [P0051]        
  Isle of Wight County, Virginia, USA [P0267]        
  Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, Virginia, United States [P0264]        
  Isle, Virginia, United States [P0256]        
J Jacobstow, Cornwall, England [P0221]        
  Jersey County, Illinois, USA [P0310]        
  Johannesborg Rockebro [P0155]        
K Kongsvinger, Hedmark, Norway - Vinger Parish [P0291]        
  Kvighult Habo Västra Götaland [P0129]        
  Kvighult, Habo fs [P0127]        
  Kvighult, Habo fs, Skaraborgs län. [P0130]        
  Kärtared Mellomgården, Horla, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0161]        
L Lambeth Palace, Surrey, England [P0230]        
  Langford, Somerset, England or North Molton, Devon, England [P0207]        
  Libertyville, IL [P0015]        
  Libertyville, Illinois, USA [P0004]        
  Libertyville, Lake, Illinois, USA [P0003]        
  Liden, Brandstorp (R) [P0177]        
  Lilla Gölhult, Habo, Västergötland, Sweden [P0187]        
  Lillehamer, Norway [P0284]        
  Lillehammer, Oppland, Norway [P0280]        
  Lincolnshire, England [P0220]        
  Liverpool [P0077]        
  Liverpool, England [P0026]        
  Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland [P0149]        
  Liverpool, Lancashire [P0096]        
  Los Angeles [P0070]        
  Lugnas, Skaraborg, Sweden [P0063]        
  Lynn, Norfolk, England [P0099]        
  Långhult, Gustav Adolf [P0186]        
  Långhult, Habo (R) [P0184]        
  Långhult, Habo, Västergötland, Sweden [P0188]        
M Madison, Wisconsin, USA [P0006]        
  Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont [P0147]        
  Manea, Cambridge, England [P0105]        
  Massachusetts [P0150]        
  McHenry, Illinois, USA [P0013]        
  Mcleod, Canada [P0043]        
  Minneapolis City, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA [P0288]        
  Minnesota [P0135]        
  Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA [P0193]        
  Modbury, Cornwall, England [P0229]        
  Mount Pleasant (Jefferson County), Jefferson County, Ohio, USA [P0245]        
  Mt Pleasant, Henry, Iowa, USA [P0239]        
  Mt Pleasant, Jefferson, Ohio, USA [P0234]        
  Mt. Pleasant, Henry, Iowa, USA [P0232]        
  Måseryd,Vireda,Sverige [P0122]        
N New Kent, Nansemond, Virginia, United States [P0258]        
  New York, New York [P0028]        
  New York, New York, USA [P0146]        
  Newburn, North Carolina, USA [P0248]        
  Niagara, Lincoln County, Canada West (Ontario), Canada [P0078]        
  Norderhov, Buskerud, Norway [P0296]        
  Norfolk, Virginia, USA [P0252]        
  North Carolina, USA [P0257]        
  North Molton, Devon [P0210]        
  North Molton, Devon, , England [P0204]        
  North Molton, Devon, England [P0200]        
  North Molton,Devon,England [P0328]        
  Norway [P0119]        
  Nårunga, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0153]        
  Nöttekulla,Adelöv sn. [P0123]        
O Oak Park, Cook, Illinois [P0038]        
  Oak Park, Illinois [P0037]        
  Oelwein, Fayette, Iowa, USA [P0140]        
  Ohio [P0253]        
  Oskarsdal Bränninge [P0160]        
  Otterville, Jersey County, Illinois, USA [P0316]        
  Otterville, Jersey, Illinois, USA [P0315]        
  Oyjanda, Fasberg, Opland, Norway [P0298]        
P Perquimans, North Carolina [P0263]        
  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA [P0282]        
  Pitminster, Somerset, England [P0330]        
  Pleasant City, Brown, Ohio, USA [P0247]        
  Pleasant, Porter, Indiana, USA [P0036]        
  Polk, Minnesota, USA [P0283]        
  Portal, North Dakota [P0019]        
  Portal, North Dakota, USA [P0021]        
  Prescot R.D. [P0092]        
  Prescot, Lancashire, England [P0094]        
  Proviso, Cook, Illinois [P0039]        
R Reading, Berkshire, England [P0271]        
  Redwood City, San Mateo, CA [P0142]        
  Renville County, Minnesota, USA [P0287]        
  Renville, Minnesota, USA [P0292]        
  Renville, Renville, Minnesota [P0143]        
  Renville, Renville, Minnesota, USA [P0136]        
  Res In Ely, Resident, Dublin [P0095]        
  River Road Harwich Twp Kent Co ON Canada [P0076]        
  Rotberget, Hof, Finnskog [P0304]        
  Round Lake Park, IL [P0012]        
  Rowan, North Carolina [P0340]        
  Ryton Manor, Shropshire, England [P0224]        
S Sacred Heart, Renville County, Minnesota, USA [P0285]        
  Sacred Heart, Renville, Minnesota, USA [P0278]        
  Saint John The Baptist,Chester,Cheshire,England [P0343]        
  Saint Mary Steps,Exeter,Devon,England [P0101]        
  Satterleigh, Devon, England [P0081]        
  Schiller Park, IL [P0030]        
  Shawnee County, Kansas, USA [P0235]        
  Shawnee, KS [P0139]        
  Short Creek, Belmont, Ohio, USA [P0238]        
  Short Creek, Jefferson, Ohio [P0255]        
  Shropshire, England [P0225]        
  Shute Manor, Axminster, Devonshire, England [P0228]        
  Shute, Axminster, Devon, England [P0227]        
  Skaraborg [P0047]        
  Skaraborg, Sweden [P0045]        
  Skokie, Illinois [P0032]        
  Slätthult u Elofsgården, Horla, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0163]        
  So Moulton, Devon, England [P0319]        
  Somerset, England [P0214]        
  South Molton, Devon, , England [P0318]        
  South Molton, Devon, England [P0104]        
  South Molton, Devon, England, United Kingdom [P0320]        
  South Molton, Devonshire [P0080]        
  South Molton, Devonshire, England [P0317]        
  South Molton, England, United Kingdom [P0344]        
  Speke, Lancashire, England [P0093]        
  St John the Baptist, Chester, Cheshire, England [P0342]        
  St Margaret, Westminster, Fields, England [P0270]        
  St Oswald Church, Chester, Cheshire, England [P0341]        
  St. Martin in the Fields, Westminister, London, England [P0266]        
  Starbäck Sörgården, Gustav Adolf (R) [P0118]        
  Starbäck Ö. Sörgatan 1:21 [P0156]        
  Starbäck, Övre, Gustav Adolf (R) [P0116]        
  Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio [P0237]        
  Stow (Cornwall) England [P0222]        
  Stow, Cornwall, England [P0223]        
  Stowe Castle, Cornwall, England [P0338]        
  Svarteborg, Goteborg Och Bohus, Sweden [P0185]        
  Sved Gustav Adolf [P0112]        
  Sved, Gustav Adolf (R), Skaraborgs län [P0174]        
  Svedjefall, Härja (R), Skaraborgs län [P0180]        
  Svedjefall, Härja, Gustaf Adolf (R), Skaraborgs län [P0173]        
  Sweden [P0018]        
  Swimbridge, Chittlehampton, Devon, England [P0102]        
  Swimbridge, Devon, , England [P0199]        
  Swimbridge, Devon, England [P0098]        
  Swimbridge,,Devon,England [P0201]        
  Säby, Jönköping, Sverige [P0064]        
  Søndre Galåsen,Trysil [P0307]        
T Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States of America [P0068]        
  Taunton, Bristol, MA [P0148]        
  Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts [P0067]        
  Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA [P0066]        
  Taunton, Massachusetts, USA [P0324]        
  Taunton, Somerset [P0336]        
  Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas [P0233]        
  Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas, USA [P0137]        
  Toronto, Ontario, Canada [P0053]        
  Town of Goetz, Chippewa, Wisconsin [P0290]        
  Trysil, Hedmark, Norway [P0299]        
  Trysil,Hedmark [P0302]        
U U.S.A. [P0171]        
  Udgaardshaugen, Vinger, Hedmark, Norway [P0277]        
  Upcott, Barnstaple, Devon, England [P0203]        
  Utgaardshaugen, Vinger, Hedmark, Norway [P0294]        
V Valearaiso, Indiana [P0056]        
  Vinger, Hedmark, Norway [P0295]        
  Vireda fs, Björkenäs F-län [P0121]        
  Vireda, Jönköping, Sverige [P0120]        
  Virginia [P0254]        
  Visingsö (F) [P0113]        
  Växjö stadsförsamling, Kronoberg, Sverige [P0048]        
W Warkleigh, Devon, , England [P0194]        
  Warkleigh, Devon, England [P0074]        
  Warkleigh, Devonshire, England [P0191]        
  Watseka, IL [P0133]        
  Waukegan, IL [P0010]        
  Waukegan, Illinois, USA [P0011]        
  Waverton, Cheshire, England [P0268]        
  Webb City, Jasper, Missouri, USA [P0312]        
  Wellington, Somerset, England [P0335]        
  West Worlington, Devon, England [P0321]        
  Westminster, Greater London, England [P0269]        
  Westminster, London, , England [P0274]        
  Westminster, London, England [P0272]        
  Whitechapel, Middlesex, England [P0273]        
  Wisconsin, Racine [P0144]        
  Witheridge, Devon, England [P0308]        
  Witheridge,Devon,England [P0345]        
  Wonder Lake, IL [P0151]        
Y Y, Somme, Picardie, France [P0209]        
  Yardley Hastings, Northampton, England [P0218]        
  Yardley-Hastings, Northampton [P0219]        
  Yllestad (R) [P0322]        
  Yllestad, Skaraborg, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0114]        
  York, Virginia [P0236]        
  York, Virginia, United States [P0265]        
  York, Virginia, USA [P0246]        
A Ärtemark, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0132]        
  Åsa 2:1 [P0157]        
O Örebro, Sweden [P0178]        
  Östtorp u Finnatorp, Horla, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0165]        
  Östtorp u Stommen, Horla, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0170]        
  Östtorp u Stommen, Horla, Älvsborg, Sverige [P0166]        
  Östtorp, Horla, Västra Götaland, Sverige [P0164]        
  Övre Starbäck Sörgården, Gustav Adolf, Västra Götalands län, Sverige [P0109]        
  Övre Starbäck, Gustav Adolf, Skaraborg [P0115]        
  Ødegaarden, Brødbøl, Vinger, Hedmark, Norway [P0293]        
  Østenheden, Søre Osen, Trysil, Hedmark [P0305]