Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Gramps ID P0008


  1. Family of Reilly, Charles Patrick and Barnes, Luella [F0004]
  2. Peterson, Nettie Melinda [P155]
  3. Golden, Philip F. [P49]
  4. Family of Reilly, Charles Patrick and Mcgoldrick Golden, Anna [F0006]
  5. Howard, Eugene Glenn [P149]
  6. Family of Lambrechts, Hubert Christian and Främberg, Victoria Amalia [F0003]
  7. Lambrechts, Vincent [P16]
  8. Howard, James Kenneth [P151]
  9. Lambrechts, Eleanor Louise [P20]
  10. Boukas, William [P188]
  11. Lambrechts, Herbert William [P6]
  12. Mcgoldrick Golden, Anna [P26]
  13. Barnes, Luella [P17]
  14. Howard, Vivian Joan [P154]
  15. Howard, Vivian [P150]
  16. Family of Barnes, Luella and Barnes, Luella [F0108]
  17. Reilly, Charles Patrick [P18]
  18. Reilly, Charles Patrick [P27]
  19. Louby, Catherine [P52]
  20. Främberg, Victoria Amalia [P13]
  21. Barnes, Luella [P29]
  22. Lambrechts, Hubert Christian [P14]
  23. Peterson, Nettie M [P148]
  24. Family of Howard, Eugene Glenn and Peterson, Nettie Melinda [F0030]