Johannesdotter Fränberg, Metta 1a

Birth Name Johannesdotter Fränberg, Metta
Gramps ID P113
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1819-01-27 Gustav Adolf (R)    

Relation to the center person (Lambrechts, John) : third great grandaunt


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Larsson Fränberg, Johannes [P109]1778-12-071859-08-12
Mother Andersdotter, Lena [P108]1786-02-1022 april 1863
    Sister     Johannesdotter Fränberg, Lisa [P115] 1807-05-28
    Sister     Johannesdotter Fränberg, Stina [P116] 1810-02-19
    Brother     Johannesson Fränberg, Jean [P120] 1812-02-07
    Sister     Johannesdotter Fränberg, Maria [P114] 1814-10-02
    Sister     Johannesdotter Fränberg, Märtha [P112] 1819-01-27
         Johannesdotter Fränberg, Metta [P113] 1819-01-27
    Brother     Främberg, Anders Johan [P33] 1820 22 Mars 1883
    Sister     Johansdotter Fränberg, Johanna [P119] 1821-11-21 1904-05-11
    Brother     Johannesson Fränberg, Olaus [P118] 1827-11-15
    Brother     Johannesson Fränberg, Lars Erik [P117] 1830-11-09 1900


  1. Larsson Fränberg, Johannes [P109]
    1. Andersdotter, Lena [P108]
      1. Johannesdotter Fränberg, Lisa [P115]
      2. Johannesdotter Fränberg, Stina [P116]
      3. Johannesson Fränberg, Jean [P120]
      4. Johannesdotter Fränberg, Maria [P114]
      5. Johannesdotter Fränberg, Märtha [P112]
      6. Johannesdotter Fränberg, Metta
      7. Främberg, Anders Johan [P33]
      8. Johansdotter Fränberg, Johanna [P119]
      9. Johannesson Fränberg, Olaus [P118]
      10. Johannesson Fränberg, Lars Erik [P117]


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