Thorne, Elizabeth 1a

Birth Name Thorne, Elizabeth
Gramps ID P320
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1485 Bristol, Somerset, , England    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Thorne, Thomas [P304]14501519-07-06
Mother Thorne, Rose [P303]14521487
    Brother     Thorne, Sir Robert William of Bristowe, Mayor of Bristol [P299] 1470 1519-07-06
    Brother     THORNE, James [P315] 1475
    Sister     Thorne, Elizabeth [P316]
    Brother     Thorne, Thomas [P317] 1472 1589-05-00
    Brother     THORNE, James [P321] 1475
    Brother     THORNE, Lawrence [P318] 1483
         Thorne, Elizabeth [P320] 1485
    Sister     Thorne, Marion [P319] 1487
    Sister     Thorne, Dorothy [P322]


  1. Thorne, Thomas [P304]
    1. Thorne, Rose [P303]
      1. Thorne, Sir Robert William of Bristowe, Mayor of Bristol [P299]
      2. THORNE, James [P315]
      3. Thorne, Elizabeth [P316]
      4. Thorne, Thomas [P317]
      5. THORNE, James [P321]
      6. THORNE, Lawrence [P318]
      7. Thorne, Elizabeth
      8. Thorne, Marion [P319]
      9. Thorne, Dorothy [P322]


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