Pettersson, Anders 1a

Birth Name Pettersson, Anders
Gramps ID P216
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1 Okt 1819 Slätthult u Elofsgården, Horla, Västra Götaland, Sverige    
Death 1898-04-15 Horla, Västra Götaland, Sverige    

Relation to the center person (Lambrechts, John) : fourth great grandfather


    Family of Pettersson, Anders and Olofsdotter, Cajsa [F0049]
Unknown Partner Olofsdotter, Cajsa [P215] ( * 1 Okt 1819 + 1908-04-07 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Andersson, Johannes FMF [P230]14 Maj 18401924-09-13
Sträng, Alexander [P198]1843-03-121924-05-04
Andersson, August [P226]28 Maj 1846
Kjellgren, Benjamin [P227]22 Maj 18501934-02-07
Andersdotter, Anna Catharina [P225]1853-09-151853-09-20
Andersdotter, Anna Christina [P224]1854-12-28
Andersdotter, Efraima Emma [P228]1857-12-201909-04-20
Andersdotter, Mathilda [P229]1862-04-101947-03-01


    1. Pettersson, Anders
      1. Olofsdotter, Cajsa [P215]
        1. Andersson, Johannes FMF [P230]
        2. Sträng, Alexander [P198]
        3. Andersson, August [P226]
        4. Kjellgren, Benjamin [P227]
        5. Andersdotter, Anna Catharina [P225]
        6. Andersdotter, Anna Christina [P224]
        7. Andersdotter, Efraima Emma [P228]
        8. Andersdotter, Mathilda [P229]

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