Larsson Fränberg, Petter 1a

Birth Name Larsson Fränberg, Petter
Gramps ID P127
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1785 Starbäck Sörgården, Gustav Adolf (R)    

Relation to the center person (Lambrechts, John) : fourth great granduncle


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Jeansson Främberg, Lars [P122]1743-05-04
Mother Svensdotter, Sara [P121]1756
    Brother     Larsson Fränberg, Johannes [P109] 1778-12-07 1859-08-12
    Sister     Larsdotter Fränberg, Sara [P128] 1781-11-22
         Larsson Fränberg, Petter [P127] 1785
    Brother     Larsson Fränberg, Anders [P126] 1794
    Sister     Larsdotter Fränberg, Lena [P125] 1800-10-20


  1. Jeansson Främberg, Lars [P122]
    1. Svensdotter, Sara [P121]
      1. Larsson Fränberg, Johannes [P109]
      2. Larsdotter Fränberg, Sara [P128]
      3. Larsson Fränberg, Petter
      4. Larsson Fränberg, Anders [P126]
      5. Larsdotter Fränberg, Lena [P125]


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