DENSON, John 1a

Birth Name DENSON, John
Gramps ID P358
Gender male
Age at Death 35 years, 9 months, 29 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1595-03-03 St Margaret, Westminster, Fields, England    
Death 1631 Reading, Berkshire, England    

Relation to the center person (Lambrechts, John) : tenth great grandfather


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father DENSON, William [P360]15701595
Mother MOREY, Margaret [P359]157117 April 1612
         DENSON, John [P358] 1595-03-03 1631


    Family of DENSON, John and Cotgrove (Cotgreave), Jane Elizabeth [F0093]
Married Wife Cotgrove (Cotgreave), Jane Elizabeth [P357] ( * 1595 + 1630 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1613-12-11 St Oswald Church, Chester, Cheshire, England    
Marriage 1618 St John the Baptist, Chester, Cheshire, England    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Denson, William [P356]1620-06-188 March 1676
Denson, John [P361]
Denson, Helen [P362]16161616-08-23
Denson, John [P363]1617-12-041624-01-07
Danson, Josiah [P364]
Denson, Elizabeth [P365]



  1. DENSON, William [P360]
    1. MOREY, Margaret [P359]
      1. DENSON, John
        1. Cotgrove (Cotgreave), Jane Elizabeth [P357]
          1. Denson, William [P356]
          2. Denson, John [P361]
          3. Denson, Helen [P362]
          4. Denson, John [P363]
          5. Danson, Josiah [P364]
          6. Denson, Elizabeth [P365]


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