Barlow, May

Birth Name Barlow, May 1a
Gramps ID P189
Gender female


    Family of Boukas, William James and Barlow, May [F0041]
Unknown Partner Boukas, William James [P190] ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Boukas, William [P188]1949-08-08


Records not imported into INDI (individual) Gramps ID P189:

Line ignored as not understood Line 4491: 3 _APID 1,6944::300409476



    1. Barlow, May
      1. Boukas, William James [P190]
        1. Boukas, William [P188]

Source References

  1. U.S., Chicago and North Western Railroad Employment Records, 1935-1970 [S584946470]
      • Page: Chicago & North Western Historical Society; Berwyn, Illinois; CNW Social Security Applications