Cook County, Illinois Marriage Indexes, 1912-1942

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    1. Lambrechts, Hubert Christian [P14]
    1. Främberg, Victoria Amalia [P13]
    1. Reilly, Charles Patrick [P18]
    2. Barnes, Luella [P17]
    3. Marriage, Family of Reilly, Charles Patrick and Barnes, Luella
      1. Barnes, Luella (Primary) [P17]
      2. Reilly, Charles Patrick (Primary) [P18]
    1. Reilly, Charles Patrick [P18]
    1. Lambrechts, Hubert Christian [P14]
    2. Marriage, Family of Lambrechts, Hubert Christian and Främberg, Victoria Amalia
      1. Främberg, Victoria Amalia (Primary) [P13]
      2. Lambrechts, Hubert Christian (Primary) [P14]
    3. Främberg, Victoria Amalia [P13]