It is Ethical to KILL Evil

In my opening line, it is ethical to kill evil.

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Ron Paul – Revival of the Liberty Movement

Ron Paul was inspirational when I started to learn about the Federal Reserve and what American money really was. It was a shocking educational journey which started when an applicable video of Ron Paul questioning Ben Bernanke in the Congress was posted on, the precursor to Reddit.

After learning from him I donated to his campaign. I then became involved in his campaign in Illinois going to Meetups and making signs, posting signs around Lake County, IL. The most active supporter in the Chicagoland area is a man named Bob Schlerth and he was responsible for most of the signs made that I put up.

Chicago Rally 2007
Des Moines, Iowa where hundreds of young supporters took the streets

I met so many cool people and new this movement would change things. Now here we are with President Trump who works with and is supported by the Liberty Caucus and Tea Party Caucus. A lot of the ideas from the Ron Paul campaign are now the prominent views in America. The Tea Party Caucus hold 36 seats in the House and Senate.

Ron Paul’s and my hard work paid off.

For learning about money and how it is used by the Fed I recommend reading Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.


T.J. Edwards – Philadelplhia Eagles

My cousin worked hard on the Wisconsin Badgers and made it into the NFL. He’s on the Eagles, #57 Linebacker.

He’s one of the last born Herb and Catherine Lambrechts’ grandchildren. The son of my Dad’s sister Cathy and her husband Vince Edwards.

T.J. is great, a smart athlete and I knew he would succeed seeing his attitude when we were younger.

Some memories I have were playing football on the beaches in Manistee, Michigan. TJ still makes trips there with his family. Manistee was a favorite destination for my grandpa Herb and grandma Catherine.

He started his Football career as a Quarterback in High school and was very successful, picking Wisconsin as the team he would join in College.

He’s got the support of all his cousins and aunts and uncles, getting fame from the rest of the world as he grows into his NFL role.

GO T.J.!

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Itron, Inc. and Smart Infrastructure

The company which manages ComEd smart meters and Chicago Street Lights is called Itron. They have infrastructure to manage meters and ensure uptime to ensure there is no waste in infrastructure systems.

Itron has been making strides in transforming city and utility company infrastructure to become smart and adaptable. They have teams around the world to ensure uptime of all the sensors and networks.

This company is the missing link when it comes to adapting cities to the modern connected era. Soon Itron smart traffic signals will be talking to cars and adapting to real time conditions.

I estimate real time traffic algorithms adjusting traffic lights are about 5 years away in every major American city.

In Paris they have started to implement smart traffic lights and use Itron.

I expect you to hear more about Itron as cities around the globe have a need to implement technology across their grid.


Austrian Economics and the Business Cycle

The business cycle is something we are taught in school. We are told that it is a certainty in economics. Austrian Economists have proved that the business cycle has a cause.

The cause of the business cycle is coercive control of the money supply and market intervention. Murray Rothbard is my favorite scholar on the topic, and he summarizes the Business Cycle in his book America’s Great Depression

In the purely free and unhampered market, there will be no cluster of errors, since trained entrepreneurs will not all make errors at the same time.4 The “boom-bust” cycle is generated by monetary intervention in the market, specifically bank credit expansion to business.

[Excerpted from America’s Great Depression, chapter 1 “The Positive Theory of the Cycle,” section “The Explanation: Boom and Depression,” pages 9–14 .]

The current economic era we are living in is Post Credit Crisis Expansion. During the downturn of 2008 in the United States the response from government was a gigantic bailout called TARP:

  1. It contributed $67.8 billion to the $182 billion bailout of insurance giant American International Group.
  2. It used $80.7 billion to bail out the Big Three auto companies.
  3. It loaned $20 billion to the Federal Reserve for the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility. The Fed lent TALF money to its member banks so they could continue offering credit to homeowners and businesses.
  4. It set aside $75 billion to help homeowners refinance or restructure their mortgages with the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan.

We are now experiencing a boom in the American stock markets resulting from this injection of paper money. We are now to experience the next cycle unless something magical happens to eliminate the market intervention and fiat money system.

To learn more about the Business cycle and Austrian Economics you should visit and

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Quitting Tobacco

Quitting tobacco can be difficult, it is important to know all the options you have for calming the withdrawal urges. My choice for quitting tobacco was Habitrol 4mg Nicotine Gum of Amazon. I used to have a cigarette in the morning right after waking up, so they recommend 4mg.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is the name doctor’s give to Nicotine Gum, Nicotine Patches, and Lozenges. I have become a firm believer of the power of NRT. It has helped me get over the urges and definitely works, I haven’t had a cigarette in 4 weeks.

Scanning electron microscope image of lung trachea epithelium. There are both ciliated and non-ciliated cells in this epithelium. Note the difference in size between the cilia and the microvilli (on the non-ciliated cell surface). Zeiss DSM 962 SEM

Some problems you may notice in your journey to quit are a cough that arises as the cilium in your lungs comes back to life. Cilia are small hair like tendrils in the lungs that help capture and release mucus and tobacco matter. You can see a close up of the trachea with cilia pictured on the right.

I had my first cigarette when I was 15 or 16 and then the habit grew as I became addicted. I would smoke at the golf course I worked at, while driving, and every time I wanted a break.

So as the addiction grew it became hard to disconnect my daily activities and the urge to smoke. That is when NRT can help eliminating the physiological withdrawal response.

Now I’m to the point where I enjoy the gum more than the actual cigarettes themselves. I don’t foresee having another ‘cig’ for a long time. The gum may become a staple though, ha! The peppery nicotine bite to the gum actually is quite pleasant and helps me focus.

I hope sharing this can help someone you know who is trying to quit, or yourself. It is not hard and just takes a little NRT, patience, and support from those around you to get rid of your ashy habit. Feeling your lungs come back to life is worth it and every living cell of you body will appreciate you.


Unbxd JSON Feed to CSV Python Script

import json, os, csv
def create_list_from_json(jsonfile):
    with open(jsonfile) as f:
        data = json.load(f)
    data_list = []
    for item in data['feed']['catalog']['add']['items']:
    return data_list
def write_csv():
    item_list = create_list_from_json(f'json/data.json')
    for item in item_list:
        with open('johnrules.csv', 'a') as c:
            writer = csv.writer(c)
if __name__== '__main__':


Full Moon Ocean Ridge, Florida


A Short Story

“Hey Allie!”
“What’s up Bill, I haven’t seen you around”

Allie Barnes lived in an underground garden apartment in Chicago’s Near South side Douglas neighborhood. Only the top windows had a glimpse of sunlight. These living areas sprung up in Chicago around the time the city raised it’s streets to allow for drainage and sewers, being so close to Lake Michigan.

Chicago really is special and Bill always seemed to come back to soak in the biggest city in the Great Lakes Region. Some people often don’t experience the surrounding areas around Chicago. Cities surround the great lakes and it is quite scenic with the region experiencing all the seasons of the year. Allie and Bill met in 1910 in New York after immigrating to America from Europe.

William Reilly, or Bill, took a medium sized steamship out of Queenstown, Ireland and successsfully made it to the port in New York. It was on the streets of New York when establishing himself in America where he met Allie.

She was getting her hair cut at a street stall by a very nice Irish boy in a mob controlled immigrant neighborhood. The mob earned their money by running outlets for Gambling, Drinking, and Prostitution. All cash businesses. Bill took one look and said hi. They decided to find each other as they were both planning to settle in the Tropical Tundra of Chicago.

Before he settled, he took a grand tour of America. Bill took railroads, carriages, bicycle across the American frontier and that lifestyle grew on him. It became easy for Bill to learn how to make money on the road and he became friendly with the mob. They often had jobs for him to do and he always knew how to spot these grey market business men. Because he traveled he became a messenger and ally to mobsters trying to share information and spread their enterprises to more territories.

Allie also was friendly to the mob, and she worked for a man named Al Capone, who some say was rising in the ranks. Allie noticed Al was good with money and thought he had potential to be a great business leader. Bill often visited Allie at her restaurant and Speakeasy in the evenings.

“What’s the special for lunch, Allie?” Bill asked.

“BLT Sandwich, with cheddar cheese, loads of crispy bacon and heirloom European tomato, with french fries”, she sold him immediately on the special she could tell in his eyes.

“No wonder Alphonse pays you more than me!”

Douglas was a growing neighborhood being so close to the Chicago downtown. Downtown Chicago was destined to be a metropolis even larger than it was after the immigrant boom. The numerous rail lines both commuter and freight were destined to be a nursery for industrialism. The restaurant Allie worked at was called Jack Gibbon’s Gardens and she took a train to get their from her apartment in Douglas.

Bill was back in Chicago after smuggling money for gangsters across America. Money was a precious commodity and the American dollar was growing in value around the world. Bill found that people had different values of money the more cities he traveled to. Very often he could find food for half the price in the back roads and farms of towns.

On the train to Jack Gibbon’s steakhouse to meet Allie Bill noticed a weird hidden door behind a dumpster in an alley he could see from his place on the train. He decided to check this door out later tonight after his meal.

“Allie, I saw two men pushing a dumpster in an Alley, then they disappeared, climbed into the street and came back 5 minutes later with two bags and two guns.” Bill explained

“That’s normal, even Al has hideouts across Chicago to store his money and inventory Bill!” Allie replied.

“This was weird Allie, I’m telling you we have to check it out… Will you come see if we can figure out where the hole in the street goes?” Bill wanted a friend to explore something that could be dangerous.

Bill and Allie got off at the Light Rail station by where Bill thought it was.

They walked to the dumpster, Bill found the whole in the ground. He lifted the man hole covering it and climbed down. Uneventful, he couldn’t see much in the dark tunnel. He felt his way through the maze of brick supporting walls.

Bill yelled back to Allie that it was safe and she entered to.

“Welcome to the underground, underwater railroad back to Europe!” someone yelled from down the tunnel.

“What the hell?”

“Ya, the mob built an underground, underwater railroad from Chicago to Europe!”

“That’s far out man!” Bill hollered back.

“I don’t want to go back to Europe, can we go to China?”Allie asked.



Tiling Window Managers

Tiling window managers are almost a necessity if you log in to many applications throughout the day. When so many different apps come together on limited real estate, having them tile in different ways makes my job easier. It makes sense to do things other than just floating windows on top of each other. A window manager runs on your display server , on Linux that is Xorg, Wayland, etc.

Here is a screenshot of my 15.6in laptop screen right now:

WordPress 5.2.4, Linux Kernel 5.3.7, Chromium Web Browser, Terminator Terminal Screenshot

There are a few popular tiling window managers on Linux. Such as DWM, AwesomeWM, and i3.

I first tried an obscure one that no one has heard of called WMFS. That was a great window manager that I also used at work.

The trick to getting used to one of these is to learn the key commands to navigate with the keyboard. You can really take advantage of 10 fingers with all the things you can do quickly once mastery of the keys occurs.

How to install Awesome WM on Arch Linux:

pacman -S awesome

Select it at the Login prompt instead of XFCE, Gnome, etc, and you’re in!

Click Super + s to view the keybinds while you learn the ropes.