T.J. Edwards – Philadelplhia Eagles

My cousin worked hard on the Wisconsin Badgers and made it into the NFL. He’s on the Eagles, #57 Linebacker.

He’s one of the last born Herb and Catherine Lambrechts’ grandchildren. The son of my Dad’s sister Cathy and her husband Vince Edwards.

T.J. is great, a smart athlete and I knew he would succeed seeing his attitude when we were younger.

Some memories I have were playing football on the beaches in Manistee, Michigan. TJ still makes trips there with his family. Manistee was a favorite destination for my grandpa Herb and grandma Catherine.

He started his Football career as a Quarterback in High school and was very successful, picking Wisconsin as the team he would join in College.

He’s got the support of all his cousins and aunts and uncles, getting fame from the rest of the world as he grows into his NFL role.

GO T.J.!

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Quitting Tobacco

Quitting tobacco can be difficult, it is important to know all the options you have for calming the withdrawal urges. My choice for quitting tobacco was Habitrol 4mg Nicotine Gum of Amazon. I used to have a cigarette in the morning right after waking up, so they recommend 4mg.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is the name doctor’s give to Nicotine Gum, Nicotine Patches, and Lozenges. I have become a firm believer of the power of NRT. It has helped me get over the urges and definitely works, I haven’t had a cigarette in 4 weeks.

Scanning electron microscope image of lung trachea epithelium. There are both ciliated and non-ciliated cells in this epithelium. Note the difference in size between the cilia and the microvilli (on the non-ciliated cell surface). Zeiss DSM 962 SEM

Some problems you may notice in your journey to quit are a cough that arises as the cilium in your lungs comes back to life. Cilia are small hair like tendrils in the lungs that help capture and release mucus and tobacco matter. You can see a close up of the trachea with cilia pictured on the right.

I had my first cigarette when I was 15 or 16 and then the habit grew as I became addicted. I would smoke at the golf course I worked at, while driving, and every time I wanted a break.

So as the addiction grew it became hard to disconnect my daily activities and the urge to smoke. That is when NRT can help eliminating the physiological withdrawal response.

Now I’m to the point where I enjoy the gum more than the actual cigarettes themselves. I don’t foresee having another ‘cig’ for a long time. The gum may become a staple though, ha! The peppery nicotine bite to the gum actually is quite pleasant and helps me focus.

I hope sharing this can help someone you know who is trying to quit, or yourself. It is not hard and just takes a little NRT, patience, and support from those around you to get rid of your ashy habit. Feeling your lungs come back to life is worth it and every living cell of you body will appreciate you.


Lambrechts, Reilly, Austrheim, Howard Family Tree

I completed a large portion of my family tree. The tools I found on Ancestry that helped the most were the European Records which I paid for. The Europeans kept very detailed records of emigration during the immigrant rush during the first 100 years of America’s founding.

My O’Reilly/Reilly ancestor (Thomas O’Reilly) of my Grandma Catherine’s Grandfathers emigrated from Liverpool. He was born in Ireland and took a ship in 1856 across the Atlantic. In New York he shortened his name to Reilly. This ship is quite small and amazing for 1856:

My Lambrechts’ ancestor (Hubert Christian Lambrechts) my Grandpa Herbert Lambrechts’ Dad left Liverpool a little later in 1910. He was born in Belgium near Antwerp. Grandpa Herb’s mom Victoria Framberg, emigrated from Ekeby, Sweden in 1912. They met in the Swedish immigrant neighborhood in Andersonville/Rogers Park Chicago.

My Howard ancestors on my Mom’s side were around in America since before the founding. A birth on the Howard tree dates back to 1718 in New Kent, Nansemond, Virginia They were early settlers and were quite nomadic moving from Virginia, North Carolina and Missouri.

My Austrheim ancestor’s I haven’t found much but I know they are from Norway, there is a town in Norway called Austrheim.

View the Full Lambrechts, Reilly, Howard, Austrheim Tree Here

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Settling in South Florida

It’s great to be back near my family. My niece and nephew, Gracie and Donovan live here and they are growing up fast so it’s nice to be back. My parents also live in Florida.

The salty air and sunshine is refreshing. It’s definitely growing on me, I’m sick of the aging metropolis Chicago for the time being. The only way Chicago becomes livable again is massive infrastructure investment which isn’t going to come from the city coffers.

Florida seems to be improving everywhere, and because of the recent major developments here there is a fresh feel to everything. Urban living just isn’t my favorite. It’s nice to be in South Florida.

I joined a company in Florida and start on Monday. I will probably be improving this website as I want to practice Google Cloud and Kubernetes.