How to get into Reading

The thing you need most for reading is the ability to read.

To read and enjoy it. To read and understand all he nuances of books is like learning a new hobby. There is always another thing to discover. Books open up a whole new medium of communication and can teach, inspire, and relieve stress. It’s a two step process.

1. Start with simple books

Michael Connelly thrillers, Early James Patterson, Harry Potter, browse used book stores in your area. Just pick up one book and start there, dedicate time and sit down in a comfortable chair! I started getting into ready by reading a bunch of Harry Bosch books, the thriller and crime aspects set in Los Angeles made it fun.

2. Get a comfortable chair

You’ll need to be comfortable when reading as you won’t be moving for pretty long periods. I get pretty annoyed when I don’t have the best chair. It’s a worthy investment and provides an outlet after long days of computer work.


Lambrechts, Reilly, Austrheim, Howard Family Tree

I completed a large portion of my family tree. The tools I found on Ancestry that helped the most were the European Records which I paid for. The Europeans kept very detailed records of emigration during the immigrant rush during the first 100 years of America’s founding.

My O’Reilly/Reilly ancestor (Thomas O’Reilly) of my Grandma Catherine’s Grandfathers emigrated from Liverpool. He was born in Ireland and took a ship in 1856 across the Atlantic. In New York he shortened his name to Reilly. This ship is quite small and amazing for 1856:

My Lambrechts’ ancestor (Hubert Christian Lambrechts) my Grandpa Herbert Lambrechts’ Dad left Liverpool a little later in 1910. He was born in Belgium near Antwerp. Grandpa Herb’s mom Victoria Framberg, emigrated from Ekeby, Sweden in 1912. They met in the Swedish immigrant neighborhood in Andersonville/Rogers Park Chicago.

My Howard ancestors on my Mom’s side were around in America since before the founding. A birth on the Howard tree dates back to 1718 in New Kent, Nansemond, Virginia They were early settlers and were quite nomadic moving from Virginia, North Carolina and Missouri.

My Austrheim ancestor’s I haven’t found much but I know they are from Norway, there is a town in Norway called Austrheim.

View the Full Lambrechts, Reilly, Howard, Austrheim Tree Here

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Tracking Finances in GnuCash

How to download transactions from PNC Bank for gnucash

Information on how to download PNC and Capital One transactions.

I’ve started tracking my finances in Gnucash. It builds great reports. I exported data from 90days – 1 year and categorized every transaction on 3 accounts that I use for daily spending.

It was hard to find the button on PNC’s website to export data, even though it is on the Main Banking Account page. To export data from PNC you have to login to online banking on desktop and the export button is right where green arrow is in the image.

You would export your PNC transactions to a QFX file. It contain’s 90 days of ledgers. It is possible to use Online banking with Gnucash to sync within the App, however I couldn’t get that to work.

Capital one has an option to download your transactions from up to one year. See screenshot for how to download capital one transaction history as a QIF file. You can select transactions up to 1 year in the past.

How to download transactions for GnuCash on Capital one website and app.

When you have the transactions downloaded you can start to categorize and budget. Gnucash also has the ability to track stock portfolio’s. The reporting tool is very powerful and there are a bunch of reports built in to track Expenses, Income, Budget, Portfolio, Liabilities, etc.

For more information about GnuCash read the documentation in the linux package gnucash-docs and hitting F1 in the application. It also runs on Windows pretty well! Get to budgeting!


WordPress on GKE with self hosted MySQL/Mariadb

I had $200 credit remaining on Google cloud and I start work tomorrow morning. I decided to learn more about it as it’s what I’ll be using at

I deployed a 2 node with 2vcpu’s and 7.50GB of total RAM.

This site will now run WordPress, I like writing better in their editor, and I also like the new basic theme.

The trick to getting MySQL and WordPress working is to create persistent volumes and mount them in the deployment. You’ll get odd things happening as things are kicked out of memory.

Let’s see how this site works, I fine tuned the SQL server (MariaDB) to run on 4GB of RAM.

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Settling in South Florida

It’s great to be back near my family. My niece and nephew, Gracie and Donovan live here and they are growing up fast so it’s nice to be back. My parents also live in Florida.

The salty air and sunshine is refreshing. It’s definitely growing on me, I’m sick of the aging metropolis Chicago for the time being. The only way Chicago becomes livable again is massive infrastructure investment which isn’t going to come from the city coffers.

Florida seems to be improving everywhere, and because of the recent major developments here there is a fresh feel to everything. Urban living just isn’t my favorite. It’s nice to be in South Florida.

I joined a company in Florida and start on Monday. I will probably be improving this website as I want to practice Google Cloud and Kubernetes.



Tracking Used Books Across the World

I’m going to start tagging every used book I read with Book Crossing codes. Book Crossing is a cool website that tracks the book once it’s tagged. You put that code in the website and post journal entries before you share the book with the next reader.

The first book I tagged is The Grass Crown by Colleen McCullough. It’s 1200 pages so I won’t finish it for a week or two. You can see my first journal entry in the link above. I’ll donate it to the Boynton Beach city library when I’m done with it, they have a cool used book section that has been good to me.

All you do to put the code in is write a little instruction with the website URL with the code as a slash at the end and you can maybe find out some cool things from people who read your books as it travels around the world.

I encourage everyone with a collection to tag their books or at least make some mark as readers across generations pick them up.